Building Digital Commons

Global Forum on Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities.

Barcelona, 29-30 October 2011

Building Digital Commons

When? and Where?

On the week of 29-30 October 2011, Barcelona

Why / What?

  • Stress the makers & doers approach – To increase the visibility and address the specificities of collaborative communities around the building of digitals commons (at the local and international level) as part of the overall free culture and digital commons movement.
  • Mapping (visualizing) the digital commons and promote common actions – identify initiatives, promote coalitions and find ways to support each other.
  • Systematize experiences & learn from each other (at the legal, infrastructural, sustainable, participation and governance levels): Learn from participative communities such as Wikipedia and others. Building mass participation, civic engagement and inter-community collaboration.
  • Create procommons references –To remark the distinction between the governance of digital commons and other forms of corporate-providers communities and promote free and open infrastructure.
  • Build bridges between action and research on commons as a form of governance,production, and horizon of socio-political transformation.


Through a series of working lines and a common final outcome:

  • Participation and Engagement in peer-driven movements (hosted and facilitated by Amical Viquipedia & other experiences).
  • Mapping free culture and digital commons movements, comparing national-regional contexts and facilitate a political strategic discussion (hosted by IGOP).
  • Sustanibility of collaborative creation – Digital social economy: Sustainable options and dialogue between the cooperative social economy tradition and common-based peer production (hosted by IGOP).