Building Digital Commons

Global Forum on Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities.

Barcelona, 29-30 October 2011


Abigail López

Adriana Partal – Researcher on European Commission and Cultural Politics

Alain Ambrosi – (Canada)

Alina Mierlus - Mozilla community

Amical Viquipedia 

Antonio Montesinos – La Revolución Horizontal

Aline Carvalho - Brazilian researcher on digital policies at the University Paris 8 and author of the book “Culture production in Brazil: From the Tropicalia to the Culture Hotspots” (Multifoco, 2009) 

Antonio La Fuente – Media Lab Prado Procomun Laborarory

Artur Honzawa - Programmer / Computer Scientist

Barcelona – Catalan Wikipedia editor (User: Barcelona) & member Amical Viquipedia

Carles Paredes Lanau – Catalan Wikipedia editor (user: KRLS) & member Amical Viquipedia

Catalonia Commons Hub


ColaBoraBora (Bilbao)

Cooperativa Integral

David Cortes – Social Innovation Ecosystem

David Gómez – Open University of Catalonia, creator,Wikimedia Spain and Amical Viquipedia member.

David Parreño – Amical Viquipedia member and Catalan Wikipedia editor (user: Davidpar)

Doris Obermair - Ideas for change

Eduard Aibar Puentes - Open University of Catalonia

Enric Senabre – Goteo, Hackasaurus, Catalan Wikipedia editor & member Amical Viquipedia

 Fernanda Peset – CIEPI – International Centre for Research in Information Strategy and Development:  Open access to scholarly communiation outputs, publishing, preservation of digital information, and standardization, evaluation and visibility of science with special regard to its social aspects.

Frank Jones – TransAtlantic Masters of political science working in the role of intellectual property protections as they relate to innovation and economic growth.

Gemma Galdon ClavellBlogger & Institute of Goverment and Public Policies (IGOP – UAB). Specialised on segurity and public space.


Hellekin Wolf – Lorea

Hilary Wainwright – Transnational Institute (The Netherlands) & Red Peper Mazagine (UK)

Institute of Goverment and Public Policies (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Ines Salpico  and Kimmo SoramakiFinancial Network Analytics & Chill Startups Meetups

Jaume Nualart - “Data visualization tools” & free software developer

J. G. Góngora – Spanish and Catalan Wikipedia editor, member Spanish Wikimedia Chapter & Amical Viquipedia

Joan Gomà – Catalan Wikipedia editor (user: Gomà) & President Amical Viquipedia

Joan Subirats – Institute of Goverment and Public Policies (IGOP – UAB)

Jordi Garcia - Xarxa d’economia solidaria

Jorge Luis Salcedo Maldonado – Research group on Democracy, Elections and Citizenship (Department of Political Science of the Autonomous University of Barcelona). Specialized on intelectual property mobilizations.

Josep Vilaplana  – Jornades Programari Lliure & Càtedra de Programari Lliure de la UPC.

Josep Jordana – Surfing on TIC, Open Hardware, Free Software, Open Innovation.

Kaitlyn (Kat) Braybrooke - Community Coordinator for the Open Knowledge Foundation (UK) (international NGO that builds tools and communities to promote open knowledge and open data),  web development and design as KAiBRAY and Digital Anthropology expert on gender in hacker and open hardware subcultures (University College London). – Occupy the waves; Occypy TDT

Laura Fernández – Media Lab Prado Procomun Laborarory

Luca Landucci – Wikimedia and Wikipedia Italia and Festival delle Libertà Digitali 

Manel Clos - Open Streets Maps

Marco Berlinguer – Institute of Goverment and Public Policies (IGOP – UAB) & Transform! Italia and Europe

Marcos Garcia – Media Lab Prado Procomun Laborarory

Mariana Gavris – Amical Viquipedia Fellow

Marta Serrat-Brustenga – Academic Librarian at Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) Specialties: Information literacy, Library and Web 2.0, Bibliographic software, Editorial peer-review, Social media, E-Science

Mayo Fuster Morell -  Institute of Goverment and Public Policies (IGOP – UAB), Amical Viquipedia & Research Committee Wikimedia Foundation

Berkman center for Internet and Society (Harvard University)

Media Lab Prado

Milos Rancic – Wikipedia Serbia

Nicolás Barbieri – Institute of Goverment and Public Policies (IGOP – UAB). Specialised on cultural public policies and the third sector

Oscar Fonts – Open Streets Maps

Pau Olivella


Quim Perello

Ruben Martinez – Yproductions

Samer – & Open Source software, social inclusion, web accessibility, flexible interface design, Gov2.0 and geomapping Open Source software, social inclusion, web accessibility, flexible interface design, Gov2.0 and geomapping

Tracey Meziane Benson Meziane BensonMedia Kult blogger (Open Source software, social inclusion, web accessibility, flexible interface design, Gov2.0 and geomappin). PhD on the relationship between online and offline communities by exploring online activism, open source communities, online art and Web 2.0. Currently Fellow at the ANU School of Music: researching semantic web and geolocation technologies and their application to genealogy and mapping (Australia)

Toni Hermoso PulidoSoftcatalà, Amical Viquipedia (usuari: Toniher) member & Catalan Wikipedia editor

Verkami – ‘Crowdfunding’ for the lovers of creation

Vicente Ruiz Jurado – &

Victor Guillamon –

Wouter Tebbens – Free Knowledge Institute & Academy

Online participants – contributors from the distance:

Adam Trowbridge – Basekamp (Philadelphia)

Commons Strategy Group – David Bollier, Michel Bauwens & Silke Helfrich – (Vermonth, USA)

Lize De Clercq – Eclectica DV

Franco Iacomella – P2P Foundation (Argentina)

George Por – School of the commoning (UK)

Kippelboy Wikimedia GLAM Ambassador.(Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums & Wikimedia: Finding the common ground ), Polifacetic creative, Catalan Wikipedia editor (user:Kippelboy) & Amical Viquipedia member

Felix Stalder (Austria)

Mako Benjamin Hill – Berkman center, MIT, Ubuntu, Debian, Free Software Foundation, among others.

Michel Bauwens – P2P Foundation

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