Building Digital Commons

Global Forum on Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities.

Barcelona, 29-30 October 2011

Sustanibility of collaborative creation

This working line will consist on two sessions.

1st session: Systematize forms and formulas for individual and collective sustainability of collaborative creation

Systematization of what we know about sources of sustainability of digital commons and best practices (such as cases like Wikipedia, Open Streets Maps, FLOSS among others) and discussions over the whole scenario.

Short interventions and discussion on the base of the questions:
* How do they adress the question of substenaibility and lessons in terms of the economy of the commons.
* Overall ecosystem for the susbtainability of digital commons.

Session facilitated by and Enric Senabre (wikipedian and facilitator of Goteo project).

2nd session: Promoting the dialogue between the cooperative tradition and commons collaborative discussio

Two sets of cross dialogues on:

* Cooperativist roots & challenges of the present <<< Discussant from from new forms of online substainability
* Economy of common-based peer production <<< Discussant from cooperativism

With the use of hand signs, possitioning in the space depending on the view in regards to each speacker & direct points interventions.

Open discussion

Sintesis & emerging reflexions

Session facilitated by Marco Berlinguer (researcher in the area –