Building Digital Commons

Global Forum on Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities.

Barcelona, 29-30 October 2011

Mapping digital commons & strategic discussion

1) General discussion: Mapping free culture and digital commons and strategic political debate
It will consist of a warmp up presentation of a map of digital commons movement resulting from empirical research and general discussion  on commons as a form of governance, production, and horizon of socio-political transformation.

During the session, hand signs, possitioning in the space depending on the view in regards to each person speaking and direct points interventions will be used during the whole sessionn.

Session facilitated by Joan Subirats (commons senior researcher – and Mayo Fuster (Berkman center for Internet & Society, Amical wikipedian, and member of Wikimedia Foundation Research Committe).

2) Break into working groups around specific commons initiatives:

Working group: Systematization of knowledge, formation and action research. Project: School of the commons

Presentation of the project School of the commons and reflection around other inspiring experiences.

Working group: Giving visibility and building alliances of Digital Commons. Project: Move Commons

This working group will address the conditions for a digital commons (developing a draft of a collective map with post-its). It will include a discussion around the Definition of a free and open infrastructure for digital commons and a presentation of Move Common initiative, and then general discussion.