Building Digital Commons

Global Forum on Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities.

Barcelona, 29-30 October 2011

Participation and Community Engagement

This workshop will bring together communities participants in order to explore and visualize best practices in community / user engagement:

* Gathering people from outside “day-to-day contributors” and identify barriers that lowers the user’s participation.
* Explore why people keep contributing and how we could figure out ways to keep the balance between a dynamic community and the decreasing number of contributors.
* Identify best practices from each open knowledge/software communities.
* Brainstorm cross project synergies in community growing.
* Presentation and discussion around empirical research on communities participation.

Project Blitz

As a part of this working line, we will be having a wikipedians fair session where members of wikipedia and other communities could showcase the latest projects they have been working on (eg. Glam Wiki, Wiki Love Monuments, Wiki Schools, Participation and Multilingualism, among others).

Deploying Sparklez

During the Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities forum, we will deploy, experiment and document Sparklez, a way to cherish sparks that happen between people @ live events.