Building Digital Commons

Global Forum on Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities.

Barcelona, 29-30 October 2011


Videos in different languages: Catalan, English, and Spanish.

Facts and research on participation in collaborative communities


Introduction to the Digital Commons Forum, and then (from minute 20) start the firts part of the session on Facts and research on participation in collaborative communities with interventions by Milos Rancic from the Research Committe of the Wikimedia Foundation; Erik Zachte (Wikimedia Foundation – Data Analyst) on evolution of participation in wiki communities; and, Marc Miquel (Amical Viquipedia – Editors Survey) on sociological base of contributors. Facilitation of the session by Eduard Aibar (Open University of Barcelona). (Duration 1h)


Video of Benjamin Mako Hill on participation in collaborative cases.

Slides video  This two videos are synced up. If you start them AT THE SAME TIME on two different screens, they will play perfectly. The slides video is timed to advance along with the the other one.



Intervention from Mako Benjamil Hill (Free Software Foundation Board member, researcher at MIT and Berkman center); and, David Laniado (Barcelona Media) on wikis and emotions, and general debate. (1h)

Slides David Laniado Presentation: When the Wikipedians talk: Dialogue and emotions in Wikipedia talk pages


Mapping free culture and digital commons and strategic political debate on the commons

Interventions: Reflecting on commons frame and governance by Mayo Fuster Morell; Introduction of cases: Openstreets map;, and; Presentation of the School of commoning by Marco Berlinguer; Presentation of Move commons by Samer; and introduction building local alliances by Joan Goma.

Slides OpenStreetsMap presentation

Slides Mayo Fuster Morell on Digital Commons_Presentation: Digital Commons: An historical phenomenon of the early decades of XXI? Or how do we  react to the second enclouserment of the commons?

Video with in-depth explanation of Move Commons implications (Spanish)


Economy of the commons: Systematize forms and formulas for individual and collective sustainability of collaborative creation and political economy discussion


Video introducing the session (in Spanish) by Enric Senabre (Goteo) and Olivier Schulbaum (Platoniq) ((30 minutes & then image of small working groups) Slides (Open business plan for a productive commons) presentation Olivier Schulbaum


Video presenting the reports back of small groups discussion (30 minutes).




Promoting the dialogue between the cooperative tradition and digital commons


Cross dialogues between cooperativist and digital commoners: Intervention on cooperative tradition by Jordi Garcia (Xarxa d’economia solidaria), intervention from enterprises of the commons by Ruben Martinez – Yproductions, intervention on insight from new forms of cooperativism Gorka – Cooperativa Intergral: and intervention on free culture and knowledge production by Marco Berlinguer – IGOP. Then closing remakrs by Joan Subirats (2h)  (Audio with the English translation)


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